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Mar 23 & Mar 24

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8pm / Tickets $20 General / $15 Members

Artists and long-time collaborators Constance DeJong and Tony Oursler return to The Kitchen to restage their performance Relatives after a hiatus of more than twenty years. Originally commissioned by the ICA Boston in 1988 and performed at The Kitchen in 1989, Relatives combines spoken text and video in a duet between a television and a performer. Two worlds of storytelling (electronic and oral) deliver a genealogy of family members who belong to a visible yet overlooked group: history’s bit players; their collective story is traced through a succession of appearances in painting, photography, the movies, television, and video games. Organized by Matthew Lyons.

Photo: © Paula Court. Constance DeJong at The Kitchen, 1989. Courtesy of the artist and Bureau.

February 16, 2018 - May 5, 2018

Stories: Philip-Lorca diCorcia & Constance DeJong
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts [link]

Stories features photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s A Storybook Life (1978-1999) and writer and performer Constance DeJong’s Radios (2015-ongoing). Through images, audio, and objects, the artists’ fragmented narratives invite viewers to become an active part of storytelling.

DiCorcia’s A Storybook Life creates a dreamland straddling documentary and staged photography through tableaus of domestic situations using friends and family as models. The work is arranged in a particular, nonlinear order, with only four complete sets in existence.

ForRadios, DeJong presents a set of vintage radios simultaneously playing intimate and disarming narratives. She says: “The speaking voice disconnected from a body can invoke intense listening, a kind of attention like no other.”

Stories is curated by Kevin Moore.

April 18, 2018: DeJong in performance

March 30, 2018
Emily Harvey Foundation [link]

On narrative Orality and improvisation: Wayne Koestenbaum, Constance DeJong, Sara Magenheimer and Morgan Bassichis
curated by Rachel Valinsky

In conjunction with programming centered on David Antin and Narrative, While I was also Listening, originating at La Criee, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Rennes,France.


INTERVIEW: Ephemeralism, Sequentiality, and Writing By Hand: Emma Clayton in conversation with Constance DeJong [LINK]

BOMB Magazine On a Street, December 2018 Issue

September 15 - November 15

EXHIBITION | 601 Artspace
I Can't Tell You Because I Can't Tell You

Curated by Gabriela Vainsencher
Constance DeJong, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Roee Rosen, Roman Signer, Kerry Tribe, Thomas Demand, Christian Marclay

PERFORMANCE | Sunday, October 15th, 4 PM

November 6

PERFORMANCE | Belladonna Series | Abrons Art Center
Constance DeJong,Cat Tyc and Amelia Bande

October 28, 7 PM

PERFORMANCE | Artists Space
55 Walker Street
Constance DeJong, Charles Bernstein, Mariko Kondo & Yuji Agematsu

Part of programming for:
Social Surfaces, A Fundraising Exhibition
October 26-November 1
to Support Relocation of Artists Space to 80 White Street in 2018

July 22 - August 26

EXHIBITION | Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles
Constance DeJong, Sarah McMenimen & Kate Spencer Stewart

June 2017

Exhibition: LISTEN: It's a Sound Show Equinox Studios
Georgetown, Seattle
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March 2017

Ugly Duckling Presse Blog: A History of Modern Love (As Told by Constance DeJong)
Poetry Foundation | Harriet | The History & Reissue of Constance DeJong’s Modern Love

April 2017

BOMB | Artists in Conversation: Constance DeJong by Jennifer Krasinksi
Paris Review | Dan Piepenbring on Modern Love